Finishes & Care Guide

Finishes —

We have a variety of brass and bronze finishes, which give a wide range of appearances (i.e. colours) to the respective materials.

Brass Finishes

We offer a variety of electroplated and chemically enhanced finishes. As these finishes are performed in-house, they can be applied to any of our brass based products.  Each of these finishes will vary on time frame and cost based on the level of complexity involved to refinish and assemble.

Here is an indication of some of the finishes that can be achieved on brass based products: Brass Finishes

Bronze Finishes

We offer a variety of bronze finishes on select ranges. Each of these bronze ranges will have their own selection of bronze finishes available.

The bronze finishes vary from silicon bronze tones (e.g. red / brown undertones) to white bronze tones (e.g. white / grey undertones). All of our bronze finishes are living finishes which will continue to naturally patina and age over time. 

Here are some examples of bronze finishes: Bronze Finishes


Care Guide —

About Living Finishes

Our oxidation / ageing process is used to patina our products. This accelerates the natural patina that would occur due to time, touch and exposure to environment.

Repeated handling of the hardware will lead to graceful wear and patina. Colour variations should be expected with any hand-applied living finish. This creates character and uniqueness!

Caring for Finishes

Brass and bronze are naturally weather resistant and cannot corrode or rust. They require little maintenance with simple care.

We recommend cleaning your brass and bronze hardware with a microfibre cloth and warm, mild soapy water, then wipe dry. 

DO NOT use harsh solvents or abrasive cleaners as this will affect the finishes and any coating on the hardware. 

Take care when handling the hardware to avoid scratching the metals.